Custom Spellwork:

“One of the best most genuine and caring person ever. Highly recommend A+++” – Closertoheart

Past Life Reading:

“Spot on! I could tell she did a lot of meditating on the answers to the questions she asked me, and that she did the reading, then meditated more. I got a super in-depth answer that made so much sense, even though it was a past life. I felt it resonate in that intuition space. She sent me beautiful photos to go along with an entire research paper of my reading! I can’t recommend this enough! I HAVE to print the photos to go in my book of shadows.” – Melissa Kurtz

“Alexandra is a very gifted person. Her reading helped me to find my path and make things clear in my mind. She put so much love and care in what she do and is very intuitive. Not only she answered all my questions, she also sent me a gorgeous pic of my cards. Her reading was generous, clean and written with care. I will definitely ask her guidance again!!! Thank you Alexandra!” – Georgina

Guidance For Your Spiritual Path Reading:

“This was a much better experience than I was expecting. As it’s done over the internet, I initially thought it would be quite an impersonal endeavour. BUT, I received such warm and caring (not to mention accurate/relevant!!) responses. I wasn’t rushed, but instead encouraged to voice any questions or additional concerns I had. There was no fishing or baiting for answers. If you’re asking me, this seller is the real deal with a big heart to boot. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for some gentle guidance from a genuine soul.” – Shanee Jones

“Beautiful insightful accurate reading, Alexandra is really caring and her reading gave me good direction, just what was needed. I’ve already had another reading from her! Highly recommended.” – Chloe McCurran

Three Card Reading:

“Incredible. Very detailed and beautifully written reading delivered in good time. Gorgeous photograph. Very personalised and kind. Will absolutely do this again. Worth your pennies. Thank you so much.” – Bonjonesy

One Card Reading:

“I loved my purchase, it was very insightful and interesting. I got a really lovely little image and a detailed reading which I enjoyed a lot! Was sent very quickly too, so thank you!!!” – Gillian Martin

“Alexandra is incredibly intuitive and wise. Her readings are always on point and her interpretation is so very helpful. She is one special ladywitch indeed.” – Jessica Stagnitti

“So accurate and clear, I asked a question and got not only an answer but an answer that was so specific to me. thank you Alexandra ❤️ such an amazing gifted and kind reader.” – Chloe McCurran