Ritual Work

For Bookings and enquiries, email witchcraftcoven@tutanota.com

Please note: I will recommend a Tarot Reading before rituals. It is up to you, but a reading is HIGHLY recommended.

My philosophy: Rituals are about intention setting and energy shifting and directing. These spells are designed to help people who help themselves. A ritual alone, without you putting in the effort, will most likely not do anything for you. If you want more money in your life, but spend it all before your paycheck even comes in on things you don’t need, buying a ritual to bring in more money is a waste of money! If your ex has blocked you on all channels because you treated them so badly, and is happily remarried, stop wasting Return to Me candle magic, and start your own healing journey. Magic is a process that requires your involvement, on every level. It’s a call to the universe to help you as you manifest your intentions. It is your personal decision to make change where you want it to be made and to ask for a spiritual and energetic push while you work hard to manifest in the everyday to support the magic in its work.

Another option: I offer a lot of free guidance on how to do your own rituals, including where to buy supplies and links to good instructional videos/websites. Sometimes all you need is a good fixed candle! You only need to pay for a ritual if you are not willing/able to do this yourself.

The type of work I offer:

  1. Prosperity/money drawing
  2. Success/luck/road opening
  3. Protection
  4. Banishing
  5. Uncrossing/reversing/hex-breaking
  6. Love

For Bookings and enquiries, email witchcraftcoven@tutanota.com

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