Candle Magic

This is how I do a basic double action reversal (candle magic). If someone really has it in for you (a boss, mother in law or ex) an just won’t stop, or if you KNOW someone is cursing you name, but you’re a beginner or just on’t want to get your hands spiritually dirty with aggressive an dangerous magic like hexing, this is a great work around.

20190615_230407 (2)

The active element of the work is a “return to sender” so it relies on someone having crossed you or sent bad energy to you (mundanely or magically, maybe they just don’t like you, or maybe they are deliberately trying to take you down!)

I’ve successfully used these a few times for clients and for myself. As always, get a reading from someone you trust before starting. Make sure you have a clear head, are being reasonable and not just on a power trip – you don’t want to lower yourself to their level.

Double action candles, when you buy them, are black on the bottom and coloured or white on top.


They should not be burned like that but need to be flipped and burned upside down. The tip with the wick on top must be cut off, or “butted” and the bottom carved into a tip. Madame Pamita has a great video on how to do this on her youtube chann (an picture of candles you see are hers):

This type of candle isn’t always easy to find and is often made with paraffin (which is not the best for our respiratory systems and environment) so I also make beeswax ones at home, using black and coloured beeswax strips rolled together.

Screenshot_20190616-215444 (2)

You can choose the colours according to your personal colour correspondences, but the most traditional are red (love), green (money) and white (everything else). I use yellow for success/happiness, orange for luck, and pink for friendship/family, brown for courtcases, etc.

  1. Carve your enemies name backwards onto the black part of the candle, from wick to centre, in mirror image (reads forward in a mirror)
  2. Carve your own name forward on the coloured part from base to middle.
  3. Dress the black part of the candle with Reversal Oil (I use Lucky Mojo brand) from middle to tip, away from yourself. If you don’t have premade Reversal oil, bless olive oil and add eucalyptus and rue for a homemade version.
  4. Dress the coloured part of the candle with the corresponding oil (love, money, etc) from middle to end, towards you.
  5. Place the candle on a mirror. The mirror will act as a reflecting surface for energies.
  6. Make a circle around the candles, anti-clockwise, of crab shell powder (a good reason to keep those crab shells you found on the beach). Crabs walk sideways and backwards, so this has brings more of a backwards effect to the working.

20190615_125855 (1) - Copy

I do this working on a Saturday, because it’s ruled by Saturn and is about discipline and lessons learnt.

I’ve left out all the prayer/speaking as I believe this is up to you in how you choose to include. Traditional conjure often includes the recitation bible passages, which is very powerful, but not everyone who practices Hoodoo also practices Christianity.

Don’t forget to give thanks to the original West African rootworkers and spiritualists who devised this system which we now use!

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